Aerial Photography

Skymount aerial drones can deliver high quality aerial photography at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale aircraft.

Aerial Cinematography

Due to their small size and quiet operation our drones can get low and tight in on the action to capture a dynamic new style of shots.

Aerial Inspection

We can capture high-resolution photos and video of tall or otherwise difficult to access structures for inspection in an economical manner.

Aerial Mapping & Survey

Near-realtime high-resolution aerial mapping at a fraction of the cost and much higher resolution than satellite or full-scale aircraft solutions.

Aerial Search

Drones can be used to locate people, animals and objects from the air, saving money and avoiding additional lives being put in danger in low-flying manned aircraft.

Other Applications

We know there are a many other applications just waiting to take advantage of this new capability – if you have your own ideas please get in touch!


Skymount can help formulate a plan for your organization to make the leap into using aerial drones.

UAV Platforms

We are also working to provide customers with low-cost, high-performance UAV platforms for their own use.