Aerial Cinematography

Due to their small size and quiet operation our aerial drones are able to get much lower and tighter to the action, offering the possibility for dynamic new styles of shots.

Drones are more cost effective than hiring a full scale helicopter or aircraft platform, so you can either keep your budget down or achieve much greater aerial coverage for your money. They are also much less disruptive to production.

Andrew Chapman, the founder of Skymount, has a background of more than 15 years in the film industry working in high-end feature production. You can be sure you’re dealing with someone well versed in shot composition, camera direction and the demands and etiquette of working on a film set.

And while their applicability for high-end feature work is obvious, the lower cost of aerial drones gives independent and documentary filmmakers, corporate video and other lower budget productions access to these kinds of visuals.

Finally, for students, video bloggers, or extreme sports filmmakers we can also offer a lower-cost quad-copter platform flying a GoPro camera.


Flying Eye-line Assistance

Another possible use in filming is to fly drones as eye-lines to assist actors, extras and camera operators on set by standing in for vehicle or creature which will be added by Visual Effects later on. Having something there ensures everyone has the right eye-line and framing on whatever is supposed to be flying overhead. Being small and nimble the drone can be easily directed to achieve whatever action is required.