Aerial Inspection

Visually inspecting tall or otherwise difficult to reach structures has traditionally been an expensive exercise requiring cranes, helicopters or rope access work.

Using aerial drones you can now get high-resolution, high-quality photos and video of these structures in an economical manner. You can be sure of the results because you have a live video feed of what the drone is seeing and can direct our aerial operators to capture exactly what you need. Capturing imagery from infra-red cameras or data from other sensors are also a possibility: taking air samples or temperature readings for example.

Also, because they are unmanned our drones are able to get into areas that would otherwise be too dangerous for live inspection, e.g. close-up on live flame stacks or in proximity to chemical leaks. Likewise, because of their small scale and quiet operation our drones can operate close to working sites without disruption.

Finally, the small size and stability of aerial drones makes it possible to conduct internal aerial inspections of sites such as large factories and warehouses, or within other confined locations such as tunnels, mines, or under power lines.



  • Flare and Smoke Stacks
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Warehouse/Factory Roofs and Ceilings
  • Wind Turbines


  • Bridges
  • Large Building Exteriors

Business, Agriculture & Personal

  • Roofing/Tiling
  • Advertising Billboards
  • Agricultural fencing, dams, silos, etc