Aerial Search

There are many instances where full scale aircraft are used to locate people, animals and objects from the air. Because this is an expensive process it is not utilized as often as it could be, and flying manned aircraft at low level can put additional lives in danger.

By performing aerial search and spotting using drones there is the possibility not only of cost savings, but more importantly to utilize aerial assets more regularly and effectively. For example, for the same budget as flying a full scale helicopter search crew for a lost hiker, you could send out dozens of drones to cover a much wider area in the same amount of time.

Although we’ve not yet used them on a live search, Skymount is currently working with a number of SAR organizations to assess the best possible use for drones and how to integrate them with the existing search processes. We’re keen to work with emergency services, wildlife conservation groups and anyone else interested in increasing their aerial search efficiency. There was recently a great example from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police using a drone to locate a lost individual in cold weather – you can read about it and watch the video here.

  • Missing persons: skiers, hikers, etc.
  • Livestock and wild animal counts
  • Fire spotting, monitoring and smoulder watch
  • Lost objects: on roofs, in difficult terrain, etc.

We are on the lookout for cost-effective thermal cameras to increase our aerial search effectiveness, particularly for SAR operations. If you have any leads please get in touch.