All About Skymount

Skymount is a Canadian and U.S. Based Business Providing Satellite Communications and Unmanned Area Vehicle (UAV/drone) Services.

Whether you are on land, at sea, or in the air, Skymount will get you communicating. We build networks from the ground up. We trench armoured cable at Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s) to delivering high quality encrypted tactical communication devices to our special operations community, using all means of communication such as microwaves, satellite, (LTE), and GSM.

We are qualified and keen to bring custom hardware and software solutions for any project, while also forming strategic partnerships. so if you have some big ideas please get in touch by using our contact page!

Utilizing our unmanned drone aircrafts, we enable the military to advance on the battlefield with less risk of human life. We help law enforcement see potential dangers for criminal activity and assist First Responders in Search and Rescue utilizing our eye in the sky services.

We help Natural Resource companies find future opportunities with our surveying/mapping capabilities and enable TelCo and utility companies to inspect their towers and power plants, with our safe and efficient unmanned aircrafts.

We also provide aerial cinematography services for film and television.

Satellite Communications

We can get you communicating no matter where you are in the world. Find out more here:

Skymount Satellite Communications & UAV Services is Your Global Communication & Eye in the Sky Provider!