About Skymount

Who We Are

Skymount is a leading Canadian provider of innovative drone, counter drone, and electro-optic products and systems – powered by an industry leading AI platform, along with providing drone application services, training and repair services. We deliver high-quality products as well as tailored and cost-effective solutions to clients globally, with a strong emphasis on first responders, government, military, and industrial.

Skymount is a technology company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered, drone and cloud-based solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. We have created AI powered, drone-based systems for wildfire detection, agriculture, pipeline inspection, and border defense. The AI power behind these systems is SCIMON, Skymount’s geospatial AI that integrates electro-optics, with cloud technology and is IoT deployable. SCIMON was benchmarked as the #1 Geospatial AI in November 2018.

Skymount carries a full variety of industry-leading drones and imaging solutions, with focus on a wide range of applications including aerial filming, videography, surveying, asset inspection, public safety, agriculture and more. We offer a suite of complementary drone services including consultation & training, custom UAV builds and other applications. Whether you’re needing to look for fugitive gas escaping from a pipeline, protecting a head of state from a drone attack, or detecting fires before they become a real threat, we provide the same level of dedication and exceptional customer service.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, Skymount Drones is a DJI Authorized Dealer and also owns and operates DroneShopCanada.ca, MultirotorHeli, DJI Shop Canada and the DJI Authorized Service Center for Canada.

Our Mission

To help our clients gain capabilities through technology and development, and to provide ground-breaking solutions that increase their performance and efficiencies. We always embrace the creative innovation mindset and help our clients set the standard higher than the status quo.

Why Skymount

Our Commitment

We are a passionate, trusted and dedicated team of professionals committed to providing flawless services in order to enable our clients become leaders in their respective industries.

With our deep knowledge of the drone industry, comprehensive service capabilities, and consultative client approach, we help our clients establish successful drone programs.

Ongoing Technical Support

Our expert team of technicians and customer support representatives go the extra mile to help clients with their specific drone technology needs and provide ongoing tech support after your purchase. You can contact us for support at our retail locations, or any preferred channel, including phone, email, mobile, social media.

  • One on one training to help set up your drone system and/or if you wish to learn how to operate your drone.
  • Troubleshooting help
  • Repair assistance

Our aim is to make sure that our clients fly with confidence!

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