Other Applications

Although we’ve listed some other uses for drone systems here, there are many other applications that Skymount could help provide a solution for.

Aerial Photography and Filming

Skymount will provide you with stunning, high-resolution images of products, services, or properties and places, suitable for both print and digital media.

Our team of experienced aerial photographers and videographers will work with you to identify your objectives and will work with you to acquire crisp, clear imagery and videos, even in the most challenging situations, to meet your needs. By marketing your business with compelling and truly unique content, you can significantly improve your ability to attract and retain customer attention.

Solar Energy Imagery

Solar energy and drones are a match made in heaven. Aerial imagery can provide an overhead view of solar farms and can gather critical data including temperature differences or faulty panels.


Sharing information from the Air by use of a Speaker is often used in search and rescue scenarios, from relaying a search message from the air, to allowing communication with a person when found.

Some other new areas of use include flying over streets and neighbourhoods to share a public service message, patrolling beaches, parks and locating vulnerable populations to check their welfare and provide assistance information.

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