Skymount is a leading Canadian provider of drones, drone services and satellite communications. We deliver high-quality products as well as tailored and cost-effective solutions to clients globally, with a strong emphasis on first responders, government, military, and industrial. Whether it’s a delivery of a simple UAV system or a complex satellite network, we will provide the same level of dedication and exceptional customer service.

Skymount carries a full variety of consumer and professional drones and imaging solutions, with focus on a wide range of applications including aerial photography, surveying & mapping, inspection, public safety, precision agriculture, and more. We offer a comprehensive suite of complementary drone services including consultation & training, custom UAV platform builds and other applications.

Skymount’s satellite services leverages its unparalleled experience and high standards to enable our clients to receive next generation technology and in-depth market experience to get them communicating no matter where they are in the world. We build the networks and offer airtime packages.

Skymount is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with facilities in Lethbridge, Canada, Miami, U.S.; and Dubai, UAE.