What is SCIMON?

SCIMON is the next-generation automated analytics tool set which used Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). SCIMON analyses Full Motion Video (FMV), legacy systems and newly acquired Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The largest ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in the world – SCIMON is built on proven technology deployed by the DoD’s Global Command and Control System (GCCS-J)

SCIMON is a middleware that leverages native machine learning to deliver the most accurate geospatial analysis algorithms in the world. SCIMON’s algorithms were born out of NASA’s Earth exchange (NEX) program and enhanced with over 1000 additional software enhancements and is performance benchmarking at a world record – 99% accuracy.
SCIMON efficiently exceeds comparable analytic performance by processing sensor data across mixed workloads. The streaming results then provide actionable intelligence to the Common Operating Pictures (COPs) in real time, with high availability.

The middleware is cloud deployable and snaps into any existing system or legacy architecture and runs with very little tuning or programming.

What can SCIMON do for us?

  • Automated Object Detection
  • Automated Activity Recognition
  • Advanced Change Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning
  • Integrated Integrity Planning
  • Scientific Data Collection
  • Unmanned Real Time event-based response
  • Geographic tracking of objects and people
  • Forensic tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SCIMON is the brand of the AI middleware that provides advanced communications and real time analysis to customers of Skymount – while being fully scalable independently under a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. SCIMON’s capabilities are as follows:


Snaps into Existing Legacy Systems and provides a single source for data integration and Analytics across newly added and legacy sensors.

  • One Million inferences per second. Analyse more. Analyse better. Analyse faster.
  • Multi-Cloud – Futureproof open source and multi-cloud (runs on AWS, Azure, Google)
  • No costly rip and replace, SCIMON integrates into any environment.

SCIMON characteristics:

  • SCIMON analyzes up to 150TB of video in real time with integrated AI and ML tool sets and can analyze a multitude of sources and source types simultaneously.
  • SCIMON uses any source of video including full motion video, LiDAR, MTI, WAMI, Hyperspectral, Legacy Sensors, COTS sources, high-resolution satellite imagery and low-quality video.
  • Our tools can track changes, moving objects, trends, signatures, identify unknown terrain types via ML and very much more.
  • The AI is programmable to identify objects, terrain, changes, trends, behaviours, combinations of the previous items with over 40+ behaviours included without development. New behavior requires a description, ideally a video clip and one to two weeks to program.
  • Automated alerts are available to optimize analyst time, productivity and workflow.

How has SCIMON been utilized?

  • SCIMON capability developed for CCTV video analytics automation – can handle video feed from entire 8 million+ population city simultaneously.
  • SCIMON simultaneously analyzed the contiguous United States at 1-meter resolution (part of NASA Earth Exchange program).
  • SCIMON’s first generation (Gemfire) is the master back-end database for the DoD’s Global Command and Control System and can scale to serve across the entire Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • SCIMON analyzed satellite footage of California at 1-meter resolution for terrain classification and demonstration of AI and ML – initial test scored >85% accuracy – this improves rapidly as SCIMON learns.
  • Methane Detection- SCIMON is trained to detect methane when it is sensed by the sensor while the drone is flying. SCIMON is loaded onto an onboard computer. In this case SCIMON calculates volumetrics based on sensor data and reports in real time not only the leak detected but the amount of product being lost.
  • Pipeline Inspection – SCIMON is trained to look for any anomalies and compares the current flight to the last. This data is processed in real time where other inspection companies take 2 weeks to get the data to the customer.  Inspections are customizable and provide recommended maintenance as well as critical repair notification.
  • Right-Of-Way inspections provide slope analysis and change tracking, encroachment reports, check for riser health, steam crossing and all other regulatory benchmarks in real time providing a single actionable report to our customers. All Data is analysis for real time anomalies and also are compared versus historical data.
  • Environmental / Wildlife protection platform that utilizes RADAR, and Optical inputs to classify, quantify and then appropriately deter wildlife based on species type and activity while maintaining accurate data collection for future analysis.
  • Firemark – SCIMON has been trained to detect fire and smoke for our Wildfire detection program that uses a combination of Satellite and ATG Sensors mounted on towers.
  • SCIMON can detect any change, for example a convoy driving through Afghanistan, SCIMON would be able to stream process all video, imagery, drone video of that exact area and be able to find any new piles of dirt that can be hiding a roadside bomb.


  • SCIMON has been deployed to NASA and commercially to Johnson & Johnson across their global network.
  • The core infrastructure for SCIMON has been under development for many years and is years ahead of our competitors in this area of operation.
  • 20 Years of military technology development, acquisition and system development experience. SCIMON’s core algorithms were the first, large scale Geospatial AI system fielded in the last decade.

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