Aerial Photography

Skymount Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  can deliver the highest quality imagery at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography, in and around all over Canada.

Because of their small size, quiet operation and incredible stability, we can get much closer to the subject to produce sharper and more detailed images than a full-scale aircraft can.

Our Skymount drones use an electronically stabilized camera mount and professional photography equipment with high-end optics for stunning results. Our aerial photography operators have a background in traditional photography, so you can be sure the images will be well composed and executed. We can also perform any post-processing of the images you may require (e.g. removing any unwanted signage or the shadow of the drone, for example).

If you are present during the shoot you will get a live view from the camera using a wireless video link from the drone to an LCD monitor on the ground, to ensure we capture exactly what you’re hoping for.



Some example uses of aerial photography:

  • Real Estate advertising
  • Golf Course and Ski field promotion
  • Winery and rural property promotion
  • Tourism and public attractions (e.g. museums, galleries, parks, etc.)
  • Sports and other events