AgWing: a low-cost Agricultural Mapping drone

Skymount is developing an Agricultural Mapping drone, specifically aimed at farmers for use themselves as a Precision Agriculture tool to increase yields and reduce inputs.

We recognize that Agriculture is a major area of future UAV use, and that it is imperative that this powerful tool is in the hands of the farmers themselves to reach its maximum impact. With that in mind we are developing a low-cost platform that can be flown in an entirely automated fashion, with a simplified interface customized for use in an agricultural assessment capacity at a fixed location.

Some features of the AgWing platform:

  • medium endurance (40+ minutes) in a small platform
  • dual camera payload (color and NDVI/multispectral)
  • fully automated flight: simply throw in the air and retrieve after landing
  • simple interface, controlled from a tablet
  • simple post-processing, with results viewed on the tablet and comparable with previous dates
  • local support network in the event of problems or new requirements
  • robust platform in the form of a simple flying wing, lightweight and safe (propeller on the rear)

Our solution is still in development, but we hope to bring it to market in late 2015 or early 2016. If you are interested in becoming an initial trial partner, or a partnership business in providing this solution to local markets, please get in touch.